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It's very apparent that the sauna or heat stress itself should be added to the list of healthy lifestyle habits that people can do to improve their aging process

- Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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Ashley M., Napa, CA

I just want you to know how much we LOVE it! I have been using it about 2-3 hours before I go to bed and I have been sleeping like a baby! I do have one question, though. What is the recommended number of times to use it per day? Would it be advantageous to use it once in the morning and once at night – or is that too much? Count us amoung your ecstatic customers!

Laurie P., Surprise, AZ

I have been an avid Sauna user for the past 20+ years and NEVER had I sweat as I did last night! I was so impressed, that I wanted to research the Pro’s and Con’s of this sauna -vs- other saunas and my findings were mind blowing, So glad my husband bought me this, he has customized my master bedroom closet and place this Sauna in it, It looks like it was custom made

Courtney., Buffalo, NY

I am using the sauna 5/7 days/week. I just love it. There are now some mornings when I wake up and feel no pain in my neck and shoulders. I look forward to more days like this. I am someone who is always cold to the touch, and now my family tells me to ‘Go to your cabin’ whenever I complain of being cold. I enjoy my time in the cabin. Sometimes I listen to the radio and do Sudoku puzzles, other times I read a novel. I enjoy my quiet time.

Last weekend I did hours of gardening that would normally leave me pretty sore, but I went to ‘my cabin’ and I feel that it diminished the soreness that should have been present. Thanks for your great product and excellent customer service.

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