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Symmetry Axis Indoor

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Symmetry Axis Hybrid Sauna

Our premium hybrid sauna, the Symmetry Axis, is meticulously crafted from the inside out to deliver unparalleled performance. The Axis brings the heat with its industry-leading infrared technology and an optional traditional heater. If you're seeking in-home relaxation and an array of lasting benefits, our Axis pre-built sauna has all you need to emerge revitalized and invigorated.

Key Features:

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Constructed with Thermo Aspen for both exterior and interior paneling.
  • Versatile Heating: Equipped with 6 far infrared 'incoloy' heaters that reach temperatures of 160-170 degrees, with an option to add a traditional 1.9kW Harvia Vega heater.
  • Two-Tier Benches: Comfortable two-tier seating for an enhanced sauna experience.
  • Chromotherapy: Large chromotherapy panel in the ceiling and ambient RGB LED lighting in the ceiling and bench, with exterior ambient LED lighting for a soothing atmosphere.
  • Safety Glass: 8mm tempered full safety glass front with a 24-inch wide glass door featuring chrome hinges.


  • Exterior Dimensions: Width: 4', Depth: 4', Height: 6'8"
  • Interior Dimensions: Width: 44.5", Depth: 46", Height: 73"
  • Capacity: Fits 1-2 people
  • Door: Glass-glass chrome hinges with a 24-inch wide door opening
  • Lighting:
    • Extra large chromotherapy panel
    • Ambient RGB LED in ceiling and bench
    • Exterior ambient LED
  • Heaters:
    • 6 far infrared 'incoloy' heaters
    • Optional traditional heater: 1.9kW Harvia Vega

Site Preparation Required:

  • Flooring: A clean, level floor is best. Carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl, and concrete flooring are all acceptable. The Axis comes with adjustable feet for a firm footing on most surfaces.
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • Infrared Only: Can be plugged into a normal outlet. Requires a dedicated 120 volt, 15 Amp circuit. The outlet must be located within 8 feet of the sauna.
    • With Optional Traditional Heater: Requires a second circuit, 120 volts, 20 Amps. The outlet must be within 8 feet of the sauna.


  • In-Home Relaxation: Experience the convenience and benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your home.
  • Health Benefits: Regular sauna use promotes stress reduction, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and detoxification.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: Chromotherapy and ambient lighting create a relaxing and therapeutic environment.

Transform your home into a personal wellness retreat with the Symmetry Axis Hybrid Sauna. Enjoy the best of both worlds with advanced infrared technology and the option for traditional heating, all within a beautifully crafted Thermo Aspen structure. Emerge revitalized and invigorated with the Axis.

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